Pilot`s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge

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2 Volume full color 471 pagini


This official FAA handbook has been required reading for more than 30 years. Providing basic knowledge essential for all pilots—from beginning student pilots to those pursuing more advanced pilot certificates—this book introduces pilots to the broad spectrum of knowledge needed as they progress through pilot training. Studying this book, pilots gain the required knowledge to earn a certificate and understand aerodynamic theory associated with airplane flight.

The book begins with a basic introduction to flying, including the history of flight, the role of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), criteria for earning the various pilot certificates, how to select a flight school and instructor, and the tests associated with earning a pilot certificate. Subjects covered include aircraft structure, principles and aerodynamics of flight, flight controls, aircraft systems, flight instruments, flight manuals and documents, weight and balance, aircraft performance, weather theory, aviation weather services, airport operations, airspace, navigation, aeromedical factors, and aeronautical decision-making.

This 2008 edition reflects the latest aviation industry procedures, equipment, techniques and regulations. It is a key reference for all the information necessary to operate an aircraft and for passing the FAA Knowledge Exam and Practical Test (checkride). Newly illustrated with hundreds of full-color drawings and photographs!

  • Cover-Preface
  • Chapter 01: Introduction to Flying
  • Chapter 02: Aircraft Structure
  • Chapter 03: Principles of Flight
  • Chapter 04: Aerodynamics of Flight
  • Chapter 05: Flight Controls
  • Chapter 06: Aircraft Systems
  • Chapter 07: Flight Instruments
  • Chapter 08: Flight Manuals and Other Documents
  • Chapter 09: Weight and Balance
  • Chapter 10: Aircraft Performance
  • Chapter 11: Weather Theory
  • Chapter 12: Aviation Weather Services
  • Chapter 13: Airport Operations
  • Chapter 14: Airspace
  • Chapter 15: Navigation
  • Chapter 16: Aeromedical Factors
  • Chapter 17: Aeronautical Decision-Making
  • Appendix 1, Runway Incursion Avoidance
  • Appendix-Glossary-Index


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